Thursday, August 7, 2008

I know, I know - I am fired... But I have an excuse!!! Well two... so June was so boring that I had nothing to blog about, but then July came and went like a bolt of lightning, so I had no time to blog- but - here's to catch up....

I went to New York (this is a picture from the top of the Rockefeller Center), then North Carolina, then New York, then Philadelphia - and I am going back to New York this weekend. What can I say - New York is my favorite city in the world!!! Oh - and lets not forget about a quick trip to China. Just kidding!! This is the Chinese Pavilian entrance at the National Arboretum (yes - a tree museum!!) I actually just wanted to throw this picture in, cause my hair is getting so long!! I don't know if you can see it that well - but it is almost to my elbows!!!

Definitely the best part of this month was all the family!! Twice my family came and saw me and then I got to go to North Carolina for a long weekend! I have seen each of my siblings at least twice this summer - which with 7 siblings is a huge feat!! This is Kariana and I at Obryki's in Baltimore. JJ came down and took me and Kariana to dinner and then we stopped by Fort McHenry. I was so glad he got to come down and meet Kariana - just wished he could have come down the weekend everyone was here.
~Side note - for those tracking JJ's trek around the world. He started in Miami in April and moved to Boston for a month, then moved to Oklahoma City in May to start that office - then got moved to Plano, TX - then to Beaumont, TX - then to Los Angeles, CA - but lucky for me recently moved to Newark, NJ where his office is kicking trash!! ~~

And lets not forget the exciting adventures in DC!!! I have been to everything you can think of in DC (at least once) and now am exploring off the beaten track. My favorites include - the Museum of Natural History, the Library of Congress, and Eastern Market. This picture is actually at the Bureau of Engravings - where they print the money. I am standing next to $1,000,000!!! Two months and counting til I move away from DC. - I'll try to better my track record for blogging in the next two months ;)