Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its Good To Be Back!!

A picnic in the middle of our empty dining area eatting mac and cheese with chop sticks... I look at Stacys nieces and nephews and think they are just the cutest kids I have ever seen - but then I look at my nieces and nephews and well - how is it possible that I think they are even cuter?!?!
Shooting in Wyoming with JJs gun... I should know what type of gun this is, but I don't. I think I look like a cop or something in this picture. I usually hold guns wrong and lean back for some reason so I always look silly. But this is a good one.
And snow mobiling in Wyoming!! My first time and JJ let me drive for a bit (another first). I think I look rediculous. JJ kept handing me stuff and telling me to put it on (the purple thing is like a neck warmer - who has neck warmers - ok I guess people that live in Wyoming). It was absolutely beautiful!! Good thing we get to go back this weekend!!!