Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Million-Inch Chain

When asked what the most dreaded effect of cancer treatment was, nearly 60% of women say hair loss...
The Million- Inch Chain
8 inches at a time
Go to this website to see pictures and comments by those who have donated (yup - I'm in there), tips on how to grow out your hair, how to donate (hair and money), or just for more information.
I went to Alchemy Hair Salon today and chopped off 11 inches!!! My hair stylist was Daniel and he did an awesome job. He was really nice and I got 50% off my haircut since I was donating!! I keep reaching back and running my fingers through my hair and... its soo short!! I have made this a goal to do every two years. 2 years ago and 4 years ago I chopped off about 10 inches each time and donated it to Locks of Love, but I thought I would try Beautiful Lengths this time. Anyway, you can't tell from the pic, but my hair is shorter in the back and comes down at an angle toward my chin. I guess I won't be using as much shampoo tonight as I did last night :)