Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This weekend JJ and I decided to check out Vizcaya. It is an estate that was owned by an Industrialist in the 20s or 30s. When he died it was too expensive to sell, so the state had to buy it and now it is a museum. I would describe it as an american castle. The Gardens were the best part - absolutely gorgeous.

Later, we went to Little Havana in Miami. My favorite part was the park with all the old men playing dominos. I wanted to join in, but thought I should brush up on my skills first. Then, we went to a "Cuban" cigar store and saw cigars being hand rolled. I wanted to buy one for a souvenir. When I brought one up to the register to purchase, the owner asked who this was for and I told him that I was buying it for myself. I am sure he was chuckling on the inside, but kindly asked if he could help me choose one as I had chosen the strongest cigar in the store and he was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to smoke that particular cigar. I stick out as it is with my blonde hair, but I am sure my ignorance in cigar buying did not help at all. Above is a picture of our dinner that day. It was 4 different kinds of meat and so much of it that it fed both of us two meals each. One of those meals that make me grateful I am not a vegetarian!!


Dacia said...

Pictures and stories about Florida - I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You look fabulous and fun to hear about the castle and cigars and all.

Brett said...

I think the real reason the government bought the place was because no one else wanted to live there... I mean seriously, what a dump.


Kariana said...

girl i'm so glad you've joined:) cause we really need to talk even more lol. ps i can't believe i've never seen a pic of jj, he's a cutie! love ya like a sister... wait um yea. have a good day hottie, well evening for you

karen garner said...

WHAT a great blog - I'm so glad you are now a blogger so I can see all the fun places you're going to.
The castle sounds awesome (the cigar sounds stinky).