Thursday, July 9, 2009

Garner reunion: 20 and counting...

20 you ask? 20 what? 20 members in my immediate family - thats what. Between my siblings, their spouses, kids and my parents, there are 20 of us. SO FAR!!! 2 are on their way and I am sure in the coming years there will be a bunch more added (there is still four of us that aren't even married yet). Following is a brief glimpse at what happens when these 20 people (the adjective crazy could definitely be used to describe these people) get together for a weekend.

What do you do when there are twenty people that need to get ready in the morning? Get up early so that we can each take a turn? - o no - we all cram into the nearest bathroom and hope the fuse won't blow with two hair dryers going at the same time. You can't see it, because I am taking the picture, but I was in there right along with them.
There we are - with the exception of one brother who couldn't make it (but his wife still came - now thats awesome). I think we are a pretty good looking bunch... but I may be a little biased.
Here is my twin. Well technically we aren't twins, but we get asked if we are on a pretty regular basis. We think its funny because we also get alot of people that say "you guys don't look anything alike."

I called it!!! Just ask Riley, I said that we would definitely have competitions while at the reunion. I walk in the door and one of the first things I see is a bunch of brackets on the pantry door for family competitions - fuse ball, pool, ping pong, wii. Below is Dacia and MaryAnne beating JJ and Brody!! The funny thing is not only that we have so many competitions, but how competitive we are. Randomly you will hear yells or screams or someone will boisterously walk into the room announcing their victory.

We are a super lucky family. Our uncle and aunt (Uncle Paul and Aunt Jenny are amazing!!!) let these crazy 20 people stay in their gorgeous river home for the weekend. White water rafting and kayaking were just a few of the many things we got to do at their incredible home. Below we are looking for gold in the American River in Coloma, CA; where gold was first discovered in California in 1848.

With so many people in your family, its hard to see each other often, especially when we all live, literally, across the US from each other. But, I am thankful I have a family that puts family first. We all do what we can to visit each other on a regular basis. And two years from now we will have our next Doyle Garner family reunion... I'm already counting down the days.


Rebecca said...

So fun! We get to go to the river house for the first time this month! I'm so excited!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Yay for families! Even crazy ones...& yes, you are a good looking bunch - we loved seeing everyone.

Kariana said...

love it love it love it... can't wait for next year

karen garner said...

Yes yes yes - that was an adorable blog - I loved the write-ups and the pictures you posted.
Loved the family pic and the pic of you and Kariana - do you know how much I LOVE love love you?

Dacia said...

Kevin said the picture of me playing foosball with Brody, JJ, and Maryanne that it could be a picture of you, go sisters that look alike!!!