Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Miami Metro Zoo

I try to act my age, but the zoo just brings out the kid in me. I cannot even express how excited I was to go to the zoo here. It was pretty awesome!! I think I was embarrasing the guy I was with because when we would get to each of the animals, I would loudly express my excitement and run up as close as I could with all the kids.

There were tons of flamingos and they looked pretty cool with their necks all scrunched up while they were taking their afternoon nap.

The giraffes were my favorite part. I was going to feed the giraffes (they basically eat right out of your hand) but unfortunately the giraffes decided they were full before I could. I was a little disappointed to say the least, but hey, having a giraffe eat a giant leaf out of your hand isn't that cool anyways, right? (yeah - I am still trying to convince myself of that).
Doesn't going to the zoo just make you want to take a trip to Africa?


karen garner said...

You are too too cute!!!!!!!! I miss you so much. What great pictures.
I love giraffes - we'll have to go to the zoo together sometime.
I wuv you tons.

karen garner said...

by the way - I love the saying under your name . . .