Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goodbye Miami... Hello DC

I just moved to DC last week. So far it has been a little cold - but I am loving it. DC is great!!! I have missed being around all these trees.
I think the Vietnam Memorial is my favorite memorial in DC. Even though none of the names are familiar to me - I think the memorial sends a very powerful message - Freedom is not Free.
I went sight seeing on Sunday afternoon. Saw a bunch of stuff that I have seen before... actually a couple times before, but hey - its what DC is... But I went to the National Archives for the first time and that was WAY AWESOME!!! Most of the archives are boring (I know some of you reading this would shoot me for saying that) but when I got to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution I was awed. How awesome to see that stuff in real life. The actual paper that John Hancock signed... this city is pretty cool.


The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

We LOVE DC. Uncle Paul & I are big history nuts & we love all the memorials there. I would really like to see the new WWII one they've recently finished - the Korean one is really cool, I like the life sized statues - but the Holocaust Memorial really touches my heart & soul to the evil influence of Satan in this world that anyone can be treated so inhumanely (is that a word?) Enjoy your time there.

Dacia said...

What a great place to live for a few months and get to see so much, keep up the posts so we can see them this summer via you!!!

karen garner said...

Seeing that monument bring tears to my eyes. Hey - no comments about JJ - what's up with that??

anne said...

Hey I'm moving back to Jersey....we'll be close to each other!