Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

I finally stopped in at The Sweet Tooth Fairy (a way cute little bakery in Provo). I had heard about this place from a friend at work and she mentioned that their double fudge cake bites were featured on the Rachel Ray show. When I popped in, I obviously had to try the cake bites, but everything looked so good I went a little crazy. I bought a white chocolate/cranberry outmeal cookie - which was fabulous!! I also had to try one of their key lime cupcakes. The frosting was a little too tart for me, but once I pulled that off, the key lime flavored cake part was super good too.
Now to the cake bites. Sinking my teeth into those little gems was complete bliss. I was expecting just chocolate covered cake, but the inside is this really moist and heavy chocolate wonderfulness. It had a little hint of what tasted like Oreos and it was all covered in delicious chocolate that was hard enough to not get your fingers chocolatey, but soft enough to not crack when you bit into the little bites. SO SUPER GOOD! If you are anywhere around the provo area, you must stop in and try them!!


karen garner said...

OK - so which day are we going???? (just kidding - I've basically given up sweets but maybe I'll have to try just one - hmmmmmmmmmm)

Vanessa said...

my good friend owns that place :)
so you are getting married! we are going to be out of town but want to send you a present, tell me where you are registered here is my email

ps this is tyler browns wife

anne.elizabeth said...

are you in Utah??

Dacia said...

we must go!

Dacia said...

ps that dacia comment was me (kariana)

karen garner said...

thanks again for making sure I got some of these - yummmmy chocolate--
what a fun few days we had